May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember and thank all those who have served our county in uniform and in particular those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Our church family has a rich history of military service; at times serving in the face of ongoing prejudice and racism, protecting not only their children but those too of their bigoted countrymen. And that tradition continues today with several fine outstanding military leader members.
In our celebration and holiday it is important for us to remember in thought and prayer, the decisions, dedication, difficulties and losses that are a part of military service; not only by those who have served but the mothers and fathers and families who hold them dear.
At times, patriotism and other aspects of culture can get blurred or blended with Christianity. God is not American and does not love us more or less than others. Loving country, striving to make it better, and working for peace, must all go hand in hand. Sometimes, it seems that religion far from uniting our world today is too often tearing it apart. But we can also acknowledge that we are faced with hard choices and lesser evils as we try to make our way in a complex and imperfect world.
The men and women, and their families that we are thanking and honoring this weekend are special individuals. They have served, helped, sacrificed their personal lives, defended, fought if needed; not with hate or overblown aggression or a sense of self-righteous superiority; but with Jesus Christ in their hearts; the Prince of Peace. They have done what we as a country called them to do to try to bring order, justice, freedom and peace to a troubled world. They have met this challenge with bravery and courage, and certainly, the grace of God. On Memorial Weekend, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts and we lift them up in prayer.



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