November 14, 2020

Prayer and Praise to God for October

Dear Fifteenth Street Church Family and Friends,

Grace and peace be unto you! Welcome to the launch of our “Prayer and Praise to God” newsletter. We are reminded in scripture, that as we  go through the ebbs and flows of life, to “humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, trusting that God will lift us in due time, as we cast our cares upon God, who cares for us,” (1" Peter 5.7).
Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have relearned, afresh and anew,
that “all of our help comes from the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth (Psalm 121. 1). Despite the challenges, tests of our faith and the local and national impact of racial unrest and public health crisis, our spiritual well- being, our faith, and our relationship with God has been strengthened and deepened.

Changing circumstances in our day to day living, can either  push us away  from or towards God. Each of us, our families and extended church community, have relied upon our faith as we have sought to  be  resilient. Along the journey, at times, we have been uncertain and sometimes anxious as we have grieved the temporary loss of in person community while living through the impact of COVID-19. Despite this, our spiritual lives have been nurtured by corporate and congregational moments of prayer and praise to  God.

While the journey under COVID-19 has not been easy, God has blessed  us  and kept us exceedingly, abundantly above all  that  we  could  ask  or imagine,” (Ephesians 3:20). During this season we have been called to pray and praise God. Throughout the ministries of our church and during our Sunday morning virtual worship experience, our prayer and praise to God have been to us, the light of Christ. Through prayer, we have the opportunity to bring our worries to God, opportunity to ask God to meet our needs and  an  invitation to praise God for being a wonderful provider. (Philippians 4.6). Isn’t that good news!!!

It is my hope that this newsletter, “Prayer and Praise to God,” will be a source of encouragement to you, those you love and our church family. Please join us in sharing prayer and praise to our awesome God!

May God bless you richly

Rev. Perzavia T. Praylow, PhD.

Prayer and Praise To God Newsletter for October


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