October 22, 2021

Prayer and Praise to God Our Anchor and Our Help Along the Way

All thanks and praise be to God for the continued ministry of nurture and spiritual encouragement provided by our Prayer and Praise to God Newsletter. When I think back over the last nineteen months, this question comes to mind: How are we making it through...through this COVID19 pandemic...through this virtual expression of church...and through the uncertainty we experience in our living? My answer to this question is that we are making it through because we are anchored in God and still yet still holding on.

When the tides of life come, when the clouds in our life turn to grey and when life seems to be changing rapidly beyond our control, sometimes all we can do is hold on while remembering that our souls have been anchored in Jesus our Lord! When we remember that Jesus is our anchor, we will be reminded that God holds our tomorrow and our today as much as our yesterday.

Our recent spiritual retreat emphasized that our faith leads us to be anchored in the Lord.  

When we are anchored, we have the fortitude to be “be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, because we know that in the Lord, our labor indeed is not in vain,” (1 Corinthians 15:58).” While our labor in our personal, familial, and congregational realities can at times leave us feeling spiritually depleted, we find encouragement in the certainty that God provides strength for the journey.

As we stretch through this final quarter to the end of the year, it is my hope that your prayers and praise rendered to God will continue to be your testimony to God’s keeping power. Our “Prayers and Praise to God Newsletter,” on the occasion of its one year anniversary, is our collective testimony that God sees, hears, strengthens and helps. May you continue to hold on while anchored in God, for help is on the way.

Rev. Perzavia T. Praylow, PhD.



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