December 31, 2016

Telling Children About Christmas

The Very First Christmas
A long time ago, in a small Jewish village in the Middle East there was man named Joseph and a young woman named Mary. Joseph, who was a carpenter, and Mary were engaged to be married. Joseph had a dream that Mary and he would have a special baby, sent and blessed by God, and they should take very good care of the child. Mary also had a vision. She saw and heard a beautiful angel, who told her that she would be the mother of a most wonderful baby; who would be special among all the babies of the world.

Before the baby was born Mary and Joseph had to travel by donkey from their village to a far away town called Bethlehem; and when they arrived there was no room for them at the Inn, (a small hotel). So the Inn keeper said they could stay in the stable (a barn) , where he kept the other animals and the hay and the tools. And it was that very night that Mary had her baby. A healthy beautiful baby boy was born and just like the angel had told Mary, and they named the baby......Jesus. After the baby was born Mary kissed him and hugged him tight and wrapped him up and tucked him into a manger (a trough where the animals ate their hay from - Can you imagine?).

In the fields near by their were shepherds who were taking care of their sheep, sleeping under the stars. They heard music and angels singing about this wonderful new born baby in Bethlehem and so they hurried to see Jesus and to celebrate with Mary and Joseph.
Later on, three special visitors; great scientists from far off other countries, who were not even Jewish came on their camels to visit and they brought Mary and Joseph and Jesus the first Christmas gifts of gold and oils and perfumes.

It was a special magical night that God had planned even though Mary and Joseph and Jesus were very poor and were not sure what tomorrow would bring. What was most special about that night, and the reason we celebrate Christmas, is that Jesus would turn out to be the kindest man in all the world and who has ever lived. He would grow up to teach people about God and make them well if they were sick and show them how to love and be good to one another. Jesus brought people closer to God.

People would look at Jesus and see God, even when he was just a little baby! Jesus was a special gift from God to show us how much God loves each one of us and show us how wonderful you are and the world can be. Jesus was God's baby. And when he was born the whole world got better - brighter, and full of love and hope and happiness. For ever and ever. Merry Christmas!



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