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February 24, 2015


Lent seems to be a time when we drag out from the ashes some pretty ominous words, like: sin, penance, repentance, self denial, atonement. It is true that we are to "come clean" and be honest with ourselves about life; but it has also has been labeled a pretty negative time to list all our grievous short comings, sins and mistakes, and in general to realize how bad we are.

You know Jesus did not spend a lot of time telling folks how bad they were. On occasion he really let into a few folks and...


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Linda on February 26, 2015 11:29 AM
What I most appreciate about Rev. Bell's message is that it makes hope tangible. We all know our last mistake will be joined by yet another, but hope gives us the means to get beyond the mistakes to realize a "Wow" future!

February 7, 2015


In several weeks you will have the opportunity to help others by donating good used clothing, asking your neighbors to do the same, and helping to sort and put on hangers; then greet folks, (some who are homeless), at our community shop while they shop at no change and have lunch.

You know, clothes are a funny thing in todays world. We really don't see a whole lot of folks naked (except I guess in films); but it seems hard today to easily fulfill the old biblical commandment to "clothe the naked...


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