July 7, 2021

Nurture, Born of God's Love

God has given us fathers and grandfathers,uncles, brothers, cousins, step fathers, fathers in law, spiritual dads, mentors and all men who have answered the call to Godly nurture. On this observance of Father’s day in the life of our beloved Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church family, I give God thanks for all men who nurture and model loving others as Christ has loved them.
When I think of the role played by our fathers and all men who daily answer the call to nurture, I am reminded they carry and care for their children, their families, their churches and their local and global community. Like God has carried all of God’s children down through the ages, our fathers and men called of God, have carried us, through their faith in God and acts of service modeled off the love of Jesus.
We are reminded in scripture proclaimed in Deuteronomy 1:30, that “the Lord our God, 
who goes before us…is the one who fights for us and carries us just like a parent carries a child. We are so thankful that God sent us fathers, grandfathers and all men of Godly nurture who carried us and continue to carry and support us throughout the mountain highs and valley lows of our day to day living as God has strengthened them. Let us be encouraged! As God is with them, yesterday and today, God is with us and a nurturer to us all!
May God’s peace and blessings rest upon you all.
Rev. Perzavia T. Praylow, PhD.

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